Stratified Panels

Original and exclusive range of Compact products, from solid colours to wood, marble and metal effects.

The stratified HPL, “high pressure laminate,” is a laminate with a single body made up of cellulosic fibres impregnated with phenolic resins as its base.

SM’art offers an original and exclusive range of Compact products. The choice is made up of sophisticated Compact HPL items with deep and synchronised finishes as well as traditional pieces such as black and white with dark heart and the valued compact Chrome HPL in white with light heart. The hearts, namely the inside of the stratified, are varied and always in shades with the outer decor to create a product uniqueness.

Panels format: 4200x1400 mm / 4200x700 mm
Panels thickness: 12 mm
Possibility of related laminate 0.6x4200x1400 mm

3096 Bianco Annapurna

3190 Nero Annapurna

A027 Clay Annapurna

A028 Pitch Annapurna

C002 Golf club

C005 Cricket club

CA06 Carbon Canyon

N001 Platino Nirvana

N002 Mercurio Nirvana

N003 Nichel Nirvana

N004 Zinco Nirvana

OL00 Aphrodite Olympus

OL01 Zeus Olympus

OL04 Apollo Olympus

OL07 Dionysus Olympus

OL08 Ephesto Olympus

OL09 Calacatta oro olympus

R009 Colorado Rio

R012 Mick Rockstar

Catalogue 2023

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